The People Who Care Enough Will Show It To You

I kinda grew up believing that everyone's nice and I always choose to see the good in people instead of their shortcomings - I tend to find reasons or rather excuses for them whenever they disappoint me.

Like if someone decides to only text me after 2 days of disappearing, I'd convince myself they were just busy. Or when someone tries to manipulate me into thinking I've done something wrong when they were they ones who clearly made a mistake, I'd lie to myself that perhaps they are right.

Took me a lot of regrets and mistakes to finally realise I've to stop making excuses for thembecause the people who care enough will show it to you.

People who care enough will make time for you and not always make you feel compromised.

People who care enough will not just assure you with words, but also prove to you through their actions.

People who care enough don't only appear out of the blue when they require something, but stick through tough times with you.

People who care enough will respect your decisions and not force you into doing something that you're uncomfortable with.

People who care enough for you would not just speak, but listen.

People who care enough would not send you mixed signals to keep you guessing.

If someone cares enough, you'll be clear of what you mean to them and what they mean to you. You won't ever have to question.

I met too many people along the way who share with me their stories and told me about their similar experience. Sometimes when we care too much for someone, we turn into a bunch of delusional creatures; we become so blinded with that person's non-existing good and turn away from all the bad that others try to talk us into.

I used to brood over losing people, I put in all my time and effort to mend broken relationships/friendships to no avail, I believe in giving people second chances hoping they'll repent but only to get hurt over and over again... 

Everyone can tell you how much they care for you, but words are only words without translating them into actions.

If someone loves you, they'll show you. They'll constantly make you feel that you're important and you won't only receive a "Happy Birthday" message each year when Facebook reminds them it's your special day. If someone truly cares for you, they'll never ever want you to go through any form of pain, let alone hurt you - Otherwise they just don't give a shit about you.

People who care enough will find reasons to stay and not excuses to leave. Remember that.