Nineteenth Birthday

In all honesty, I never enjoyed my birthdays when I was younger.

Not sure how it works these days, but I remember how a couple of years back getting flooded on your Facebook timeline was da shittt and yeah that was pretty much just it for me.

You can have 5000 virtual friends who would remember your birthday because of Facebook's reminder but it's nothing compared to receiving phone calls or surprises at 12 midnight from the people you love.

I never had that privilege.

Wasn't until this and last year when I celebrated my birthday with the best people on the planet; Jianhao, Ridhwan, Danial, Julian, Yahya, Charis and Vincent - And it's been nearly 3 years since I first met most of them,

We were close previously but never that close. However, 2014 was the year that changed everything. Jianhao became a big part of my life and the rest followed subsequently.

I became a much happier person, I learnt to be a lot more optimistic about things, I certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world and broadened my horizons; experiencing things I never did for the last 16 years of my life. In two words, 2014 was life-changing.

This year, never would I have expected my birthday to top last year's (since it was already one of the best) but it did. The lineup for the entire week and how the "mysteries" (no one breathed a single word on what was happening) slowly unfolded; all painstakingly planned by this group of people.

Of course it wouldn't have been such an ingenious plan in the first place without the mastermind (JH). :p

Walking into a room filled with 40 over letters from all my fellow media friends and watching the video Hao made for me were probably the highlights of my birthday. (Watch the vid below)

Moving on, here's an overview of what happened on my birthday eve... 

Was told to make my way to W Hotel the night before but turns out, I received a last min call when I was on my way to Sentosa to go to the golf club instead. Dumbfounded. Really clueless on what was going on. 

Was then picked up by Hao himself from a buggy and (wow) we ended up at one of the Villas of Sentosa Resorts and Spa instead, which was where my next surprise awaited me. Greeting me the moment I opened the doors were the usuals decked up in customised hoodies specially made for my bday lmao.

Here's a pic of how cute it was.

Next, spent the rest of the evening hanging around Resorts world before we headed back in the night when I was given my second cake by the same group of people hahaha. What's funny was that I told them last year that my fav cake was tiramisu, and this year I received a total of 4 tiramisu cakes - Officially tiramisu-sick.

We then proceeded to some games and drinks, my parents and NOC also dropped by later in the night.

Unwrapping presents, tearing from all the love; it was really heartwarming and I never felt this happy for a long time. Felt like my jaw was cramping up.

It was definitely a night to remember.

Thank you Haohao and friends and not forgetting my parents!

Also, for each and everyone of you who wished me, including my classmates who surprised me, I hope you know that I appreciate every single bit of it from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys!!!

This birthday, my only wish is that I would have the ability to continue inspiring and helping the people around me, hoping that in 2015 I would be able to change lives and be an even better person. :D 

Stay tuned to my next post which I will talk more on the reason behind getting my new ink.