Getting my new tattoo.

Some say tattoo's a form or art, some call it an expression - I call it remembrance. 

Sorry I took so long before I came up with this post guys. At this point in time, I'm not exactly sure if there's still a single soul reading my blog because of my inefficiency and lack of updates - Have been putting so much focus on my school work that I neglected this space of mine that I took years to build.

Sometimes I ask myself if it's worth it; Is it worth it to actually forsake my (pretty) well-paying job for my studies? After all, my passion is still in writing and will school help me realise my goals? What if I don't get the job I want? What if my job doesn't pay as well in future? WHAT IF I CAN'T EVEN GET A JOB? What's a starting pay of $3000 (If I'm lucky enough to hold a degree) today? Will that be enough? At the rate of how everything is increasing significantly in price, can we even afford to buy ourselves a filling meal with $2, 50 years down the road?

I've so many thoughts in mind. What should I do? Should I drop out of school now? But if I do, what if my career goes down? What am I gonna depend on? Should I at least get a cert first? But school is adding so much weight to my shoulders. How am I supposed to maintain a 3.8 GPA while I sustain my position in both my blogging and vlogging career? There's only so much one can do isn't it?

Work wise, I need minimally 3 days to take photos, blog, come up with a script, scout for locations and do up a video. School wise, I spend at least 4 hours a day on my school work. Not to mention, my school starts at 9 everyday and the latest it ends is at 6/8 in the evening. Above all of these that I've to commit, I need time to do my regular activities and spend adequate time with my loved ones too... So what now?

It's crazy! I've accumulated up to 158 chats on whatsapp 280 & texts messages and everyday I get people cursing me for not replying their messages lol. Hahahahaha #sorrynotsorry

It all boils down to perseverance doesn't it? How much I want it. How much time and effort I'm willing to invest just for the life I long for.

I love challenges, I love it when I have so many things to do because I feel driven this way. I feel like I'm living everyday with a purpose. I want to be not only good, but the best at everything I'm doing. It's pressurising, but I WANT IT SO BAD.


With that said, I got this tattoo to remind myself the obstacles I've faced throughout my life; represented by the mountains.

The wolf in this case, signifies me as a person. How wolves are strong by nature and always excited for challenges. My designer put a lot into the sizes as well, ensuring that the mountains (obstacles) are not too big so that they don't overpower the wolf (me).

Like they say, it's not about the destination but the climb right? The heights are worth the climb because I believe it's gonna be beautiful when I finally reach the summit.

The last 6 years of being exposed to the social media scene wasn't the easiest thing that has ever occurred to me, in fact it was one of the hardest. Can you imagine receiving up to 50 comments a day telling you that you're ugly and all sorts of other nasty comments 6 years ago, at age 13? Hahaha. It was crazy. Sometimes I've no idea how I survived till today.

Which is why I wanted to remember these moments in my life. Struggle, pain, happiness - All the sweet and bitter moments made me who I am today. All in this tattoo. :)

It's amazing how all these were explained in words and translated into an image with the help of my designer.

Done at Primitive Art // Designed by Aeriel // Artist Douglas

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14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-101/102, Singapore 228213

Contact 9712 5736 for any enquires.