Spoilt for choice!

I can never go out without a big bag filled with truck loads of things, mostly makeup products, like my lip sticks, eyeliners, power etc; and because of that, I always lose them - Not to mention it usually takes me days before I realise they are missing since there are so many in my bag.

Having said that, I was elated to know that INGLOT has come to town and their new Freedom System is the bomb! Have always been hearing good things about this highly raved brand and finally being able to try them out was the best thing that could ever happen. Dropped by one of their outlets at Wisma Atria the other day and I was taken aback when I noticed the crazy variety of make up and the shades and colours available. Most make up brands that I tried out previously do not offer half as much choices as they do, which became a huge problem because I had such a hard time making up my mind on what colours to pick from over 200 shades that come in different finishes, matte, pearl, shimmer etc. (Very pigmented and vibrant btw.)

The following pictures would totally justify everything I've just said.

After spending more than an hour at INGLOT (oops), I picked up quite a number of stuff and I must say that my favourite was the Freedom System palette. Basically, the Freedom System Palettes come in a range of sizes and for a range of products. It comes with a magnetic layer on the bottom of the palette holds pans in place, but also allows you to rearrange and exchange each item for convenience and easy product replenishment. The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colors to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size. Not to mention, all INGLOT Freedom System products come in eco-friendly reusable palettes.

Not too sure if they are the first to come up with this idea, but whoever did is INGENIOUS. Just imagine how much more convenient it is to bring a palette consisting of all your makeup necessities compared to bringing perhaps 5 or more individual product. Besides, it's so much lighter, handier and organised; Don't wanna ditch a new handbag when you find out your lipstick cap was left opened y'knw? Another reason to love this system is how you're allowed to put all your favourite colours into one palette. If you were to buy the pre-customised ones, there's always bound to be that one or two colours you hardly touch, and c'mon why would anyone wanna spend over $50 just for those few colours right? lol.

And for makeup fanatics, INGLOT also brings in high quality brushes for different purposes. :D

Lastly, if you're not too keen in getting the palettes and would rather buy each item separately, they are available as well.

I've yet to give them all a try, but I guess the one that I'm looking forward to trying is their AMC Lipgloss which states to have a soft and re-hydrating formula to ensure smooth and even application. Mixtures of liquid crystals react to skin colour or lip colour underneath creating a stunning 3D effect. The 3D effect is captivates my attention the most. :p

I guess that's about it! Do check them out if you're in town or visit their website for other available outlets!

INGLOT SINGAPORE 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria #B1-14 Singapore 238877

Contact: +65 6887 3128


Facebook http://facebook.com/InglotSingapore

Instagram http://instagram.com/inglotsingapore